During its run, a lot of interesting things happened in the GiivaSunner (now SiivaGunner) channel, good and bad. I was there for a good chunk of its ups and downs, and these were some downs.

Content/Trigger warnings for: ACTUAL pedophilia and nsfw talk

Originally I wanted to post this after King for Another Day was done, but I will be on vacation on the 19th. So I thought it'd be better to post this before that so I can better handle the pressure and anxiety that will undoubtfully come with this for a few days and not have to worry while I'm away. I will post the remix I made for King for Another Day after the tournament is over, though.

2023 Update: It seems like SiIvaGunner straight up blocked me from commenting on videos. Although I’m no longer part of the team I’d still see the content that would be put out, as obviously not everyone is involved in this garbage situation, and I’d still comment on the videos, but I guess not anymore.

Doc creation date: Nov 14, 2019 Last Update: February 13, 2023

The beginning


Back in 2016 when the channel was still GiIvaSunner (TL;DR for newcomers: GiIvaSunner, with an uppercase I, was originally a bait and switch channel, tricking people into thinking it was the "real" GilvaSunner account, who posts music rips of Nintendo games. Usually, they would change the song's melody into The Flintstones theme, the channel however grew to become more than just a meme channel, and more of a channel for interesting music remixes, mashups and events.) I was invited by Chaze, the mastermind behind the channel, on SoundCloud, it was pretty exciting considering that was my chance to bring rips of obscure games to the people, and people did enjoy my "unofficial" rips. After making some rips officially, and just enjoying my time as a ripper, things started to get a bit weird.

Like with a lot of Discord servers at the time, there was a channel dedicated to posting NSFW content. And this much before Discord themselves implemented a "warning, do not enter if under 18" option for those. At that time I was a minor myself, as well as some other rippers, but the staff didn't mind. And I didn't either since the staff and rippers were around my age anyway... or so I thought.

Eventually this NSFW channel (dubbed "lewdstones") would become its own dedicated server With each channel for a different type of NSFW content. Eventually though, the server was disbanded.

A lot of controversy regarding Blazephlozard, who may be a legitimate pedophile (probably is tbh, he's a creep) rose. I don't know of any specifics other than screencaps of his quite problematic views you can find out there. Views which are not about solely fictional content either. It's about real human beings. But yes, that, among other things brought the SiIva team to kick Blaze out as well as shut down the lewdstones server. And I don't blame them... in the end it was better for everyone, considering the server had minors AND people over 18 talking about and sharing NSFW content, so I assume now the SiIvaGunner backroom has some regrets regarding that (and maybe some people on the team will deny lewdstones ever happened, but there are quite a lot of witnesses other than me)... but hold on to this statement, because we'll get back to it later.

"#gaystones", one of the many different channels in the NSFW server.

"#gaystones", one of the many different channels in the NSFW server.

I was able to locate the image they used as the server icon for the NSFW server.

I was able to locate the image they used as the server icon for the NSFW server.


As the YouTube channel went on and I kept making rips, I eventually was promoted from a regular ripper to "Quality Of Control", which meant I could look at submissions from rippers (and emails) to see if they're good or not. It was nice, and as time went on I eventually was also promoted for backroom - that put me up there with the actual channel managers. I felt honored... Until I didn't.


As I became part of the SiIvaGunner backroom, I was invited to their server. Things were looking pretty good, until I saw how... kinda toxic the environment was. The server had a channel dedicated to lolcows, which (for the likely very few unaware of the term) meant it was a channel for talking shit behind the backs of people they would "milk" for laughs. (Until of course, they eventually find out.) In this case, they were talking about a friend of mine (who is not listed in the screenshot to the right, however)

The "#lolcows" channel and its description at the time.

The "#lolcows" channel and its description at the time.

In his defense, I would leak from that channel to the friend, just so that he could know what was going on over there. Eventually the backroom people would find out. Not very happy with that (mostly because of the fact that I leaked than because of anything else) I would be demoted back to QoC. I was still a SiIva contributor, but not as much as I would. Things were considerably alright (at least on the outside) for quite a while, until a few weeks ago...

Kicked out


So, remember when I said the SiIva backroom (probably) regrets having an NSFW server for rippers that were minors AND adults? Here's a bit of backstory: At that time (and even earlier, before GiivaSunner was even a thing), I also had an NSFW twitter account myself, although I was still a minor. Admittedly, this is something I shouldn't have done; it was dangerous for me and the people following. Even though other people around my age followed, some people over 18 also followed, and it boggles my mind how they did not question they were following an NSFW account of a minor, although it does not help that I let them in anyways. I posted not very frequently on that account (using TweetDeck) and never really accessed it too much with regular Twitter, even to approve/reject followers. After I turned 18, it admittedly took me a bit more time than it should have to realize that some people following were still younger than me by like one or two years, and that it was probably not a good thing. But at least eventually it did hit me and I purged all followers under 18. Of course, this is also assuming people aren't lying about their age, which is something frighteningly easy to do. But basically, I have NOT sent nude pictures to ANY minors directly. Assuming they're talking about the NSFW account, I did a slip up, yes, but I went there and fixed it. If they were not talking about that account, then someone is definitely lying. They never sent me whatever this "evidence" was. And we'll likely never know. In short, much like SiIva and their NSFW server, the things related to this account is something I regret and have learned about. I remain in another account, under a different alias, creating NSFW content because that's something I like doing. And I block all minors who try to follow - I am creating harmless content for an audience you don't belong in.

If me being kicked from SiIva was a deliberate decision by only Twonko himself, who already didn't like me in first place and has caused some trouble in the past (with a lot of hypocrisy) or if this kick was decided upon by the entire team, as well as knowing who sent this supposed "evidence" (and what even IS it anyway), only time will tell... or things will just stay as is. There are a few people who I am highly suspicious of sending this "evidence" to the SiIva team, as they have been slandering and harassing me for the past year, but that's a story for another document (with receipts)...

So why y'all make rips of Omori?

(Transparency note: this segment of the doc was added in 2023.) If the Siiva staff is full of "antis", why would they even allow rips of a game created by a team with many unapologetic shotacons in it, including possibly Omocat himself. Hell, why rip from Friday Night Funkin' too. And especially why are there Banned From Equestria rips. All creators of these games would have absolutely no problem with what I draw because y'know... they can tell fiction from reality. But okay, let's say this isn't the problem y'all have with me, but rather the accusations of grooming and shit that I've already addressed - while most of that is entirely "dude trust me" type slander when it comes to proof, if anything that I did in the past could be classified as "grooming" then I can say that back then people on Siiva also "groomed" me when I was 16. But I actually know what the fucking word means so I won't claim that. And I left that in the past. Would be nice if y'all would do the same.